Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dressing Tips For Plus Size Women

A plus sized woman is a full-figured woman who is usually bigger in size than the normal womenfolk. Like most women they too look stylish, fashionable and sexy. These women put on weight and look big due to several reasons like hormonal imbalance, health issues or a bad lifestyle but they too deserve to dress up their best and look fashionable. The secret to looking great no matter what size you are depends on your clothes you choose for yourself keeping in mind your shape and size. Color also makes a significant difference in making you look slimmer or fatter in the plus size clothing. Women of whatever size want to look good. They want fashion that flatter their figure and is stylish at the same time. Due to several factors there has been an increase in the number of plus sized women around the world so there are more and more fashion choice available for them. There is a huge range of fashionable and potential outfits for the plus sized woman of today. There is some attire that the plus size woman needs to avoid in order not to look bigger. They are: Low-rise jeans They will make the woman look bigger and bulkier. Low rise jeans go well with the petite size. Halter style tops Over-sized women should stay away from open-backed tops as they make the back look broader and bigger. You might look good from the front but the back looks distasteful. Cropped tops No matter how stylish your cropped t-shirt is, you still do not look good with fat hanging out over the waistband of your pants Plus size women have made great progress in the fashion industry. There are now more choices than ever when it comes to plus size clothing. Some fashions are just not meant to be worn by a plus size woman. Let the freedom of clothing not go to their heads, one should wear what one looks the best in whether it’s plus size or not. For the pear-shaped woman If you are pear shaped if you are heavier at the bottom as compared to your top. In order to look good, you need to draw attention to your upper body, and use darker colors to hide the less flattering parts. Empire cut dresses are excellent plus size dresses for the pear shaped woman. To create a balance, wide necked tops are great to create a wider illusion. For the apple-shaped woman For the bustier apple shaped body you should do the opposite - flatter the bottoms and keep their tops in check. You could also flaunt your cleavage with low cut V neck lines. For the choice in dresses, go for the A-line cuts that gradually flow from narrow at mid section, to a broader base at the feet. For the cone shaped woman Cone shaped are those who are slightly heavier at the top and smaller at the bottom. To make the perfect balance go for A-line skirts or dresses and avoid wearing jackets or tops with shoulder padding which will enhance and enlarge the look of your upper body. Choose darker colors for the parts you want to minimize and brighter colors for parts you want to enhance. Essentially the rule is not to look larger than you already are which means, don't wear anything that is overtly baggy or oversized. These will only make you look larger than you really are. Cargo pants with lots of pockets of a loose-fit would be a no-no for pear shaped plus sizes. Dressing up is an art and needs basic knowledge of your own body – there is a huge variety of clothes waiting for you, just make the right choice and look your best.